“Take Home More Profit When You Pick The Right Marketing Concept In Pricing”

Choose a marketing concept from one of these 10 different pricing modes to increase your success odds. Marketing concept. How to price a product.

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“Thoughts From A Survivor – 19 Tips To Avoid The Perils Of Internet Promotion”

When Internet promotion will work for your small business and when not. How to make it sell. Website building tips, ideas & holes to avoid. Internet promotion.

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“How To Avoid A Common-As-Dirt Advertising Strategy Mistake That Cost One Manager $119,000”

Inject overpowering strength into your organization with the principle of "concentration" - proven strategy founded on 2,600-year-old principles. Advertising idea. Advertising strategy.

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“Find The Point of Difference
For Your Small Business
Advertising Idea & Make
Your Selling Memorable”

How to determine your point of difference with a small business advertising idea to stand out from competitors - establish your memorable business personality. Success-tested ideas-more than 30 free articles.Small business advertising idea. Restaurant marketing ideas.

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