“Nine Rules You Can Use To Attract Wealth & Friends Through The Customer Service Technique Of Listening”

The highlight to this customer service technique is listening – truly listening, which you’ll learn how in a minute.

Listening is the magic dust that opens doors to closer relationships and more customers.

Many agree this customer service technique is the most powerful relationship tool in the world.

It’s easy and it’s hard. Start by being aware of how much attention you give in listening to your customer. Being a good listener is the most important part of good selling.

Nine rules for
good listening

Follow these rules. Really learn and be aware of them and this technique will make you one of the most admired people in your world.

  1. Focus on the message and the speaker. Force yourself to pay attention to your customer and don’t let your mind wander.

  2. Listen: don’t fake it.

  3. Be especially conscious that you do not react emotionally when your customer uses emotionally charged words.

  4. Let your customer finish his/her comments without interrupting him.

  5. Stick to the subject.

  6. Maintain good eye contact with your customer (which will helps you pay attention better).

  7. Avoid preaching or moralizing.

  8. Ask questions to draw out your customer, then listen. The more you listen the more you will be a person “easy to talk to.”

  9. Be aware of the feelings behind your customer’s words.

(Contributed by Les Holthaus, Holthaus Motors, Osage City, Kansas)

As I considered material for this website and came upon Les Holthaus’ contribution, it hit me that the failure to listen makes for more problems than almost any other single cause in business – or in life for that matter. So I went looking for more help.

There’s lots of information to train this customer service technique on the Internet. Three I recommend are:

MaListening: The Forgotten Skill : A Self-Teaching Guide (Wiley Self-Teaching Guides)delyn Burley-Allen gets a 5-star rating for her book, Listening: The Forgotten Skill, as well she should since it’s written by a recognized pro in the business. I think you’ll find her technique very helpful when you click here.

Another book you can download off the Internet for just $14.97 deals with good conversation. Get your conversation technique down and your listening skills come automatically. This one’s called Conversation Magic – 7 keys to unlock your ability to conquer shyness, make friends and confidently talk with anyone.

For part three of this trilogy on customer service technique, invest a moment and click on Talk To Me: How To Create Positive, Loving Communication. You can use this one far beyond the business arena into your own personal life.

Any training program you use for customer service technique, be sure to include some kind of listening training. It’ll pay you huge dividends.

Communication also includes advertising in all Major Media plus the Internet. If you’d like an in-depth look at how you can serve customers better, simply by the way you communicate with them, click on this article “Need an Advertising Idea? Eight Secrets to Success”.

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I wish you well.

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