“Could This New Book About Small Business Marketing Technique Save Your Company?”

Maverick Marketing Book CoverIt has already saved many. The incidents in Maverick Marketing illustrate small business marketing technique answers to daily prob-lems shared by millions of managers. I’d be amazed if you are not faced with at least one of them at this m0ment.

In that 99.998% of America not populated by the Fortune 500, fascinating small business stories play out every day. Stories about people like you and me.

In Maverick Marketing,
every story is true. . .

I lived every one of them with some incredibly bright people and some not so. Every story here hammers home lessons in small business marketing technique you can use to carry your “brick & mortar” company to new heights. Lessons like . . .

  • How you can make major strategic errors simply by asking customers one specific wrong question! Unfortunately, most managers ask it. When they act upon the answer, their penalty is often lost money, time & peace of mind. Page 39

  • When young Bob achieved phenomenal sales in his tiny store, the word got out and the Wall Street Journal called to report the story. His principles can give your own business a mighty push to the next level. Page 97

  • How Tom & Hazel’s “paper” business quadrupled and racked up $2 million sales per year. Their strategy scared off big national competitors who wouldn’t risk the expense of countering it. How will you “corner the market” with the same approach? Page 32

  • What common type of advertising ensnares you so deeply you can’t quit? It’s as bad as drug addiction. Once trapped, many companies have spiraled into bankruptcy. The answer will shock you because businesses everywhere use this ploy. Page 55

  • Why a minor re-allocation of $8,500 dollars in advertising brought Jim an extra $125,000 a year. Use this simple marketing technique to grow your own business and take home more profit. Page 49

  • How a “madman” became America’s first millionaire. His moneymaking idea proved remarkably sane. Could you use this same idea to make customers prefer you above all competitors? Page 48

  • Because he is certain store sales are down, Ed is dumbfounded when he finally learns they’re up 18.2%! How a simple mistaken impression nearly causes him to alter the whole course of his business.

    The same can happen to you tomorrow. Would you like to know how to avoid it with one proven good business practice? Page 35

  • Why one of the most creative men in America despised the idea of “creativity”. He had an entirely different concept of how you get ideas and make them work. You, I, or anyone can use his method to revolutionize your own business. Page 87

  • When David dumped a marketing ploy that’s popular with millions of managers, he added 5% to his bottom line instantly. Then he added even more profit when sales went up 54.2%!

    Three years later, David now nets six times as much as firms comparable to his. Would you like to know how to cash in on the same practice? Page 60

  • In a small Oregon town, this man shares a little-known success secret with McDonalds, Disney Corporation, Marriott, and IBM. This secret is making him rich. It’s your secret when you read Maverick Marketing. Page 82

  • How Tex resurrects his “going nowhere” business and racks up huge sales increases. Then he blows it all because he forgets one critical strategic principle. And he forgot the principle because sales were good. Learn how to protect yourself with this particular marketing technique. Page 18

  • How the siren call of “professional help” from a big-time Madison Avenue agency nearly exiles Ken’s business to the poorhouse. You benefit from three different morals in this story. Each protects you from cash-eating mistakes. Page 21

  • Why Russ Gibson tripled sales after he closed one of his two stores. Amazingly, this windfall only happened precisely because he closed one store. Page 65

  • Cary happened upon just one little insight about his store. He parlayed that bit of wisdom into a 500% increase in net profits. You can do the same with your business. Page 94

  • The strange paradox about advertising. Almost all managers – almost always – make decisions based upon its least essential ingredients. In the process, they waste enough money to buy several Caribbean vacations. You’ll learn them on page 42

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Will Maverick Marketing
work for you?

Maverick tested many a small-business marketing technique with 3,100-plus clients. More than 21,000 managers have profited from them in Maverick’s Executive Advertising Seminars.

For instance, in selected chapters you learn variations on a strategy that virtually always works. You need just one character quality to implement it . . . courage! Look for this master strategy on . . . Pages 18, 37, 53, 63, 66 & 103

Maverick Marketing is
about real people . . .

It’s about people who reject the shackles of corporate life to make their own way. It’s about lessons learned from a quarter century of small business warfare – where all the troops are irregulars and all the winners are mavericks!

What others say about
Maverick Marketing

“Big or small, all the world is a marketing problem. This book takes you by the hand and shares strategy with living examples from the world of small business.”
Jack Trout, author/co-author of the trailblazing books
Positioning, Marketing Warfare, & The 22 Immutable Laws
of Marketing
(“the bible” for marketing professionals)

“Rod Rademacher simplifies the otherwise complex challenge of marketing a small business. This book is a blueprint for the creation and execution of a successful business. Listen to Rod Rademacher and do what he says.”
Rich Hamilton
Rich Hamilton Associates
Author of Disney Magic, Disney Magic
& Internet Business Magic

“Chapter two nails down how Maverick Marketing strategies differ from conventional ideas about advertising and marketing. Small business truly needs a different approach from expensive Madison Avenue methods – and these work with spectacular success.”
John Cromwell, President
Retail Mail

Chapter contents

  1. Living life on your own terms
  2. How Maverick Marketing ideas differ from others
  3. Concentrate your resources to win
  4. Are you really who you say you are?
  5. Keep it simple
  6. Beware impressions – get facts
  7. Ask the wrong question and it’ll cost you plenty
  8. A few dollars make all the difference
  9. How to “shoot yourself in the foot” with the wrong strategy
  10. Feed your winners – starve your losers
  11. Get your price right
  12. Guard and nurture your passion
  13. How to design your business to perform better in every transaction
  14. How just one new idea quadrupled one company’s net profit
  15. Remember your lessons

Read Chapter 2 of Maverick Marketing here online.

Maverick Marketing
is guaranteed

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