“Cash In On Your Sales Prowess With This Sales Promotion Idea – Local Trade Shows”

Have you tried this sales promotion idea of local trade shows? It can be when one of your strengths is personal selling.

In a local trade show or fair, you have the obvious advantage of person-to-person selling. We can’t think of any other place that gives you a wealth of prospects, the excitement level – or openness to suggestion of passersby – of a local trade show.

If you think you can sell your product in a trade show, or at least get prospects, try this sales promotion idea.

One of Maverick’s customers generally gets 75 to 125 qualified prospects in his yearly trade show. For perspective, he operates in an area of about 30,000 population. He sells home improvement products and says his local trade show consistently delivers several hundred thousand dollars worth of business.

These are some tips to follow if you decide to try the sales promotion idea of a local trade show.

  1. Usually you can set up your booth for a few hundred dollars. Consider the pros and cons hard if the cost is more. When you purchase, remember that you will also have booth setup, teardown, and staffing costs. Our Maverick clients would want a direct sales return of no less than $1,000 for each $100 spent unless they have some specific additional payoff in mind.

  2. Staff your booth with the best and most outgoing people you have. You have to enjoy getting nose-to-nose with people in situations like this. Otherwise you’ll view it simply as a pain.

  3. These shows are a business promotion idea that offers great places to get your brochure into the hands of prospects.

  4. Promote at the show. Hand out circulars (keep your brochures which promote your product at your booth) throughout the show, which invite people to see your booth.

    Demonstration – it’s the king of
    the business promotion idea
    in your trade show

  5. Do a demonstration of a product at your booth if you can. Demonstrations are always superb because they engage people’s attention.

  6. Offer free samples if you can merchandise your product that way. For instance, one pure and conditioned water company does a demonstration about water purification, then hands out two companion vials, one of city water from the tap and one of their purified water. Prospects taste the difference. The company shows them accompanying water analyses. Then, the company sends it home with them. By the time mother finishes showing it to dad, many are in the market for the product.

    Get name & address

  7. If this is a local trade show, offer a product to register to win – preferably home related.

  8. Use the names that register for a mailing list. Pay particular attention to those who indicated a real interest. Put those people at the top of your contact list.

  9. *Extremely important for this business promotion idea: Be prepared to input your names into a mailing list immediately.

  10. Have thank you notes pre-prepared. Send thank you notes for attendance within three days. Be sure to include the name and address of all winners of products. You establish your credibility when attendees know that someone actually won.

    Conduct follow up
    mailings to get

  11. Have a follow-up mailing pre-prepared. Get a complete mailing out within five days to your mailing list. Ask for an appointment, not a sale, if yours is a big-ticket item (It won’t sell by itself). No obligation on the customer’s part.

  12. Within a week after your mailing, follow up with a scripted phone call designed to get an appointment. Avoid Sin #1 of prospect solicitation. Don’t let your prospects get “cold.” Late follow-up is most companies’ and most trade shows’ greatest failing. Within a week and a half, a majority of prospects will have forgotten you ever existed. Follow-up fast.

  13. When you call, don’t be put off or lose heart when you get a series of “no’s.” Only a small percentage may respond but, if your purchase is a large enough ticket, it’s worth the effort.

    One last money-saving

  14. Since this is a small business promotion idea, here’s how to hold down expenses by avoiding non-essentials. Do not buy media advertising to try to get people to come to you at the show. It’s a waste of money. We use our advertising only to bring people to our permanent business location or to get them to call us at our business.

    Let the show management bring prospects to the show with their advertising. Even if your media advertising works and brings people, they may just as easily wind up in the hands of a competitor who also has a booth at the show. You might get people to the show but not to your booth, which is a two-step maneuver and apt to go wrong. Spend your money promoting within the confines of the show.

    How? Make your booth stand out with special decor. Post signs wherever you’re allowed. Come up with an interestng event or offer and print it on flyers you can hand out inside the show. If possible, do a demonstration that gets people talking about you. Hire a shill to invite prospects on the floor to see your booth.

For more in a sales promotion idea, we recommend a book called, Streetfighting: Low-Cost Advertising/Promotion Stra-tegies for Your Small Business. Jeff & Woody Slutsky have written this one and it’s rated five stars.

Guerrilla Marketing : Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business (Guerrilla Marketing)Jay Conrad Levinson is a major source. Click here to learn about his book, Guerrilla Marketing. This book always stirs up a good sales promotion idea.

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