“Bulletin Boards – The Sales Promotion Idea For Big Results With No Expense”

Are you “pshaw-ing” yet? “Bulletin board signs! For a sales promotion idea, is that a little silly – perhaps even a little shoddy?” A business promotion idea should have more class than this!


However, I try never to forget the local junk dealer was one of the wealthiest men in my town. Many looked down on him. But at night he retired to his loving family in one of the finest homes in the city.

He took a cruise twice a year while the “better” citizens endured our erratic weather. He died of old age a happy man, little concerned about others’ opinion.

Never pre-judge
your customers

Do you suspect this is not that good a sales promotion idea – that you won’t get a better clientele with such signs? Who would read them?

You’ll be surprised.

You should know the “upper crust” can be the last to pay their bills (and your worst credit risks). My friend, Reva, opened a floor covering business in my home city with the idea she would cater to people living in the well-to-do section. You see, that’s where she lived as well. She reasoned she would sell the finest carpet to them at high margins.

Eighteen months later, she closed her shop – bankrupt. It was then she admitted her neighbors paid their bills late – after she discovered the remainder of them bought their carpet at mid and lower-priced stores just like everybody else. That promotion idea didn’t work. Hard lesson. Back to the drawing board.

Many a business has prospered
with this “on the wall”
promotion idea

Nothing more than small bulletin board signs posted wherever their kind of customers would see them. All it took was little cards and the shoe leather to post them. Here are guidelines.

  1. Use the same kind of signs as you use in Classified advertising. Click here for 16 Guidelines To Promote Your Business With Classified Ads. (Link to article)In fact, you can virtually duplicate your classified ad and recycle it in a bulletin board sign. But, make your headline large type – at least 24-point type so it catches a reader’s attention as he/she scans a bulletin board.

  2. Make signs up on 5½” X 8½” sheets of paper. One-half pieces of standard copy paper.

  3. On the lower edge, at a 90-degree angle, print your company name and phone number repeatedly. Cut into strips so people can tear off your name and number. OR staple together and thumbtack several signs to the bulletin board. Post a small sign above that says “Take One.” That way, the prospect can take home your whole sign.

  4. Do your homework. Look to see where bulletin boards are. Study what’s posted there. Study their presentation. Especially study those signs that have lots of names and numbers torn off. It means people are reading it and interested in the offer on the sign. (Remember “what you say” is the most important part of your sign).

  5. Make up multiple signs on your computer. Black on white or light blue paper.

  6. Carry signs & a staple gun with you. Post wherever you find a bulletin board available.

  7. Ideas about where to post your signs. Notice on many posting sites that the so-called better citizenry of your town will see the signs just as well as those not so flush with cash.

Here are places to post signs for this business promotion idea:

  • Apartment building laundry rooms
  • Banks Bowling alleys
  • Chambers of Commerce Churches
  • Community activity centers
  • Construction walls
  • Convenience stores
  • Factory lunch rooms & bulletin boards
  • Hotel/motel lobbies
  • Laundromats
  • Libraries Local community clubs and organizations
  • Meeting centers and rooms
  • Recreation centers
  • Roller rinks Shopping centers
  • Small town squares
  • Supermarkets Tourist information centers
  • Any public place where people have time to see and read your sign.

If you have traffic into your business, don’t forget to set up a bulletin board just inside your own front door and post your signs prominently.

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For more ideas on a low-cost sales promotion idea and publicity, I recommend you click here for the book Guerrilla Marketing : Secrets for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business (Guerrilla Marketing) by Jay Conrad Levinson.

You’ll learn a hundred additional ways (even some with more class than this) to build your business into the institution it deserves to be. A sales promotion idea is good wherever it works. And a good, cheap sales promotion idea is hard to come by. This one fits both bills.


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