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  • Internet Business Magic. The Walt Disney business model creates successful offline & online business. Rich Hamilton’s book, Internet Business Magic talks internet business strategy. His website is the “back end” that leads to immense possibilities with internet technology. Link here to Internet Business Magic. Click on Resources when you get there.

  • Robinette Retail Service. To see if you display symptoms of profit loss you can cure, click here on Robinette Retail Service. Jack specializes in the single activity that makes more difference in profit than anything else – Inventory Planning.

  • Run Your Own Website (RYO). If you need a comprehensive website with all the bells & whistles, but haven’t the time (or knowhow) to put all the pieces together, click here to see Run Your Own Website. Our Maverick website is based on the RYO model. We post articles with ease. We never wait – sometimes for days – to pay to post new stuff. Almost no code knowledge required. Cost is more than reasonable for the service you get.

  • Site Sell. If you want to build a website yourself and save the money, click here on Site Sell. They offer the most comprehensive, low-cost methods I’ve seen. They cover every avenue and their track record for getting your site seen is one of the best on the Internet.

  • Use the Internet to promote your brick & mortar business on the local level – in your own city & trade area. The whole “local” market is growing on the Internet. This Resource Center offers lots of possibilities.

  • offers great ideas about telephone selling. Art Sobszak is a master. Get his free Newsletter here.

  • CCH Business Owners Toolkit™. Their Small Business Guide offers thousands of pages for small business from starting & planning through finances, personnel, marketing, retirement planning and even an exit strategy.

  • Power Search Online. More than 10,000 websites world-wide, plus uncountable articles. 22 major categories with an amazing assortment. Try it. For fun, their sister site is Beanstalk Vending Machine Locators. They find the best vending machine locations in the US & Canada. Proves there’s room for any enterprising business.

  • Internet Marketing. Here’s a quick link for Marketing-Creative Advertising Ideas. This site offers Internet marketing resources. Advertising, website promotion and development.

  • E-Books. This site offers a wealth of E-books – many topics – both free and paid. Worthwhile resource.

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