Stop This Hidden Cash Drain That Plagues Every Manager With One Simple Advertising Tactic

If a horde of public relations ad solicitators drive you crazy, you need an advertising tactic to control them.

Obviously, if you don’t control them, they drain you dry.

However, if you flat out tell everybody “no,” they call you a stingy miser! And a few of those solicitors can damage you with a malicious mouth.

Of course, we all need to cut costs and avoid unnecessary expenses, especially in recession times.

And you need more profit dollars to care for your own family and employees.

But you’re stymied at every turn because a million excellent causes out there compete for contributions and all of us want to be known as good people who give freely.

The Maverick PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit puts in your hands an advertising tactic that stops this cash drain with the cool finesse of a young lady saying “no” to an out-of-favor beau.

More than 5,500 businesses have tested it. This easy-to-use kit helps you build better community relationships and saves hundreds, even thousands of dollars of critical profit – without angering solicitors who may be friends, neighbors and customers.

Our own clients – all small businesses – have saved from $365 to $9,600 with this kit – the first year and every year after. Yet, they can still give to the causes they want to.

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Are you like my friend Jim –
getting “taken to the
cleaners” every day?

See if this sounds familiar.

“Rod, what am I going to do?”

Jim Fish operates a successful automotive repair business. One afternoon, he says, “My business has stopped growing. Sales are flat for the past six months.”

Looking for the problem

We quickly tick off possible reasons. Business slow in the city? No. Inventories too low? No. His people not performing? No. Is he over-priced? No. Finally we get into the books. Where’s the money going? Bingo!

PR-Donation waste is
the culprit

With gross sales volume of $500,000 per year, Jim has an appropriate ad budget of about $25,000. As I peruse the books, it hits me like the proverbial two-by-four up the side of my head. Jim is spending $8,500 (34%) of his tiny budget in PR-Donation and unneeded Yellow Page advertising.

And he has no nice way to protect himself from this cash drain.

Jim’s a big, jolly, lovable old “teddy bear.” He’ll give you the shirt off his back – and solicitors are taking it! He buys ads in six high school annuals, sponsors several sports teams, ads on the backs of programs for a dozen charity events – and none of them really build his business.

Public relations-donations are the kind of advertising you get when solicitors actually want a charitable contribution. To help you justify your gift, they give you a dinky ad or promotion in return. Their tactic creates no less than four problems for you:

  • First, when you’re nice and buy one, you have to come up with a message that runs one ad only and it usually works out badly. You wind up with a silly little message that sells nothing and sometimes makes you look like a fool.

  • Second, the extra 20 minutes (or two hours) you spend transacting the deal eats up precious administrative time.

  • Third, after 30 years research and testing I know these expenses – however well intentioned – nearly always waste your money.

  • Fourth (and most devastating – as you’ll see in a moment), you tend to include these costs in your advertising budget, which diverts that money from legitimate advertising to get sales results.

In Jim’s case, we discover a third of his ad money is wasted on PR-Donation ads plus more Yellow Page advertising than he needs – and he doesn’t know it.

And here’s how it devastates him. Because those dollars generate virtually no added business, a full third of his budget is failing to bring in new customers..

As it turns out, he discovers that $8,500 wasted money has been costing him $125,000. I’ll explain how in a minute. But, before I do . . .

Here’s how I learned it

A Sears manager first enlightened me. This manager worked with the “old” Sears when it held the title of largest retailer on earth. As you know, other companies now surpass Sears in sales, but the loss of their title was due to other causes than advertising.

I tested their advertising principles again in 2004 and they still work mightily well. I just wish the current management still used them. However, as often happens, they forgot and abandoned them years ago.

But I digress. “PR-Donation ads?” the manager mused, “we don’t buy them.”

I was surprised. “Well, why not?”

“We know it doesn’t work. Sears tests all its strategy and advertising tactics. We encourage our people to do personal public relations but we spend nothing in advertising for it.”

Years later, I remembered that little gem, which leads us back to . . .

How Jim saves $8,500 –
and gains $125,000

I show Jim how to cut his public relations budget to a more appropriate $500, yet still take care of causes he needs and feels obligated to. For the rest, I show him how to say “no.” But most important, I show him how to say “no” nicely, without creating enemies.

You can’t afford to have local folks say, “Well, they didn’t buy from me, so I won’t buy from them.”

Jim saves $8,500 – $4,500 from this simple public relations advertising tactic – plus $4,000 less in yellow pages. Then, I show him how to focus that money on media advertising that’s effective.

In the following twelve months, Jim’s business increases 25% – more than $125,000.

Yet, he spends no more money than the preceding year. He gains $125,000 sales by simply re-directing the money he has. This course helps you make comparable gains in these recession times.

You get seven money-saving
methods from the PR-Donation
Ad Savings Kit

How much would it help you to know . . .

  1. How much to allocate to PR-Donation advertising? Savings that leave you more money to improve your business and feed your family?

  2. How to decide who gets what – ahead of time – not after the fact? You’ll never again be sorry for wasting all that money after it’s spent and gone forever.

  3. How to handle phone solicitations with a grace that never offends anyone?

  4. How to handle contributions of merchandise so they truly benefit your business? Your product costs money too, doesn’t it?

  5. Effective tactics to attract more real customers through the contributions you do make?

  6. How to double your advertising effectiveness when you use your own product to get half-price advertising from media?

  7. Most importantly, how to keep good relations with your community? Avoid making your neighbors angry – even make some friends – when you must say “no.”

In this course, everything is boiled down so you get it easily and set up quickly. You receive a complete explanation of the tactics – why, how and when to use them and how to talk with solicitors. You see ways to expand your marketing impact – even double and triple it – with what little money you have.

You get simple instructions to set up your own PR-Donation savings plan. You also get a separate set of one dozen (12) Budget forms. With these additional forms, you can use your kit to save money every year for years to come.

Okay, so what’s the cost?

Let’s do a quick comparison. When Maverick builds a marketing plan for clients, which includes the PR-Donation Savings, my minimum charge is $1100.

Your cost — a fraction of that amount.

So, what’s the catch?

There’s none. My personal consulting time bills at several hundred dollars per hour. If I use my time to set up this program for you, you’d pay the minimum $1100. Your cost is less than 6% of that amount.

You see, you can do this solo as quickly as I can. You’ll invest very little more time than you and I (at hundreds of dollars per hour) together would.

There’s more . . .

You get an unexpected
. . .

. . . if you’re willing to invest maybe an extra hour analyzing where your money goes now. For thousands of managers, learning what they really spend versus what they think they spend amounts to a priceless education.

One of my colleagues, Jim Throneberry, observed, “All too commonly managers who guess they spend $1,000 per year actually spend $2,000 after we analyze their real costs”. They just fail to track it.

You know how it is. A solicitor calls. You’re busy. To get them out of your hair, you write them a quick check and seldom keep track.

With this advertising tactic, you see fast how your much-needed cash goes down the drain and you’re aware of it only after the fact.

Finally, I back you. I’m available personally to answer questions if you get stuck in any way (which I doubt). I make sure you have access to personal help if needed. You simply make a phone call.

Your reward is considerably
more than your cost

You’ll own the Public Relations-Donation Ad Savings Kit for just $57, and it’s no possible loss because . . .

You get a 100% Risk-Free
Guarantee for 12 months

You can start using the PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit now . . . but decide if it’s worth keeping twelve months from now. I want you to have plenty of time to use and test this advertising tactic and really see the outsize return you get from it in both money and good community relations.

Test it for a year. If this kit does not deliver everything promised, tell me any time during that year and you will receive a prompt and courteous refund.

In other words, you can buy it now . . . and decide later.

My company is more than a quarter-century old. It has prospered because I believe in under-selling and over-delivering. My customers must be happy. If, for any reason, they are not, then I shouldn’t have their money.

You really can’t afford not
to invest in the PR-Donation
Ad Savings Kit . . .

The one-time small amount for this course is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money and time you’re wasting every single month.

  • Every month, you waste hours fielding one solicitor after another.

  • Every month those wasted dollars are thrown away and get no chance to deliver the additional business they should.

  • Every single month you’re no closer in building better community relations.

But you spent the money. . .

Now, you can keep on wasting resources – or do something different. The great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis put it this way, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”

Is it time to do something different?

Here’s how to order

I urge you to order today at no obligation.

Within days you’ll stop the wasted cash drain and begin to build better community relationships.

Your course comes bound in an easy-to-use 8½ by 11-inch format. You receive the complete PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit with instructions and 12 Yearly Budget Forms to use for the next dozen years.

Since this advertising tactic has saved up to $9,600 every year for many small businesses, I can’t help but believe you’ll reap comparable benefits. And with the guarantee you have nothing to lose.

It’s easy to order. Just click the Paypalâ„¢ “Add To Cart” button below. Your purchase is completely safe. You can pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. Just click the Add To Cart button.

If I have missed telling you something you need to know about the PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit, Click Here and tell me about it.

Thanks so much. I wish you well.


Rod Rademacher
Maverick Strategy
Phone: 785-783-7756 or
Email us here

P.S. Just think. You never again need suffer through the pain and hassle of wasting hundreds . . . perhaps thousands of dollars . . . on advertising that doesn’t work. And, since this advertising tactic – the PR-Donation Ad Savings Kit – is a business expense, it’s tax deductible. Order here.


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