“How To Put ‘Sales Magic’ In Your
Newspaper Advertising Ideas”

Rod's PhotoYou are just minutes away from a new, easier way to publish your newspaper ads. With Newspaper-“Plain & Simple”, your newspaper advertising ideas can take wing and land with a heap of sales – less all the work.

I’m sure you’ve noticed you wade through mountains of mind-numbing rules in print advertising. Takes a genius.

I stripped it all away. All the superfluous rules and off-the-wall mumbo-jumbo that bounce around newspaper offices.

With Newspaper – “Plain & Simple I have explained simple, tested methods that work and then packaged it all in a step-by-step format. With it, you’ll publish more effective ads within hours.

Are you pressed to the wall? Take a minute to explore Newspaper-“Plain & Simple” – how it helps you make short work of your newspaper advertising.

This new “Plain & Simple”
almost composes your
display ads for you

This newspaper advertising idea guides you in easy steps to assemble ads that honestly reflect your business. Clear, classic-looking ads . . . ads you’re proud to put your name on.

“Plain & Simple” shows you exactly how to assemble all the basic components each ad needs. With these in hand, everything else almost falls together by itself!

Instead of laboring hours over an ad – which still doesn’t come out right – with “Plain & Simple” you save big chunks of time. You lay out ads with a hard selling message. You automatically avoid the common mistakes most people make.

Your odds rise you’ll return more dollars in sales for every dollar invested, and return home with more dollars to feed your family.

How “Plain & Simple”
differs from standard
ad-making techniques

This program got its name – “Plain & Simple” – because it refuses to burden you with everything anybody ever thought of about newspaper ad composition. All the methods and rules people have dreamed up would fill a thousand page tome.

I’m sure you’ve noticed we people-types tend to complicate things. Author and marketing wizard, Jack Trout says, “Complexity is not to be admired. It is to be avoided.”

Complexity is precisely the problem with newspaper advertising. Too many cooks stir the pot and drench you with too many directions. With your schedule, isn’t time-consuming complexity the last thing you need?

Instead, “Plain & Simple” deliberately incorporates only the best of all the methods I’ve tested – those you really need to turn out newspaper ads that look good and sell hard. I’ll show them to you in a minute.

How “Plain & Simple” came about . . .

Years back, I read so many “how to’s” I was overwhelmed – and got nowhere. My name is Rod Rademacher. Small business advertising ideas are my specialty. I’ve designed thousands of ads over a quarter century.

I don’t believe it’s bragging to tell you I’m good at it. 🙂 And with what I am about to show you, you can be too.

But, in the beginning, I struggled and sweat blood over every attempt. A foot-high pile of crumpled paper invariably typified all my false starts.

One night I was really stumped. In desperation, I picked all those little scraps out of that piled up mess and smoothed them out on the desk.

The lightbulb clicks on

I stared at one – then another – wham!

There’s a pattern here!

Each scratched-out drawing contained one – maybe two – ingredients my ad needed.

“What if I organize those ingredients and build a template that contains all the basic parts so I no longer have to start from scratch every time?”

The idea worked better than I dreamed. I finished that pesky ad in under an hour. It was one of the best I’d built until then – and it was EASY! And sales results gave me final proof when it hit subscribers’ doorsteps. They rolled in.

That one frustrating midnight-oil session marked the beginning of this course. Over the years . . .

  • I picked up more pointers from other masters.

  • I also devised and tested some brand new techniques that really open a great wide door to success, which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

You should see it. Piles and piles of old ad files molder in my cabinets. I sifted through them all, organized the “golden nuggets of know-how.” Then I did the thing that makes this course priceless. I deliberately tossed out the “fluff” ideas, time-wasters and expense-eaters and wound up with . . .

The fourteen “must” specifics you
need to build profitable ads

Not 947 approved rules and methods, which neither you nor I could ever remember — just fourteen.

Because you have many fewer points that you can check quickly, within hours you’re publishing ads that sell. These easy-to-follow aids slash your time and inject real power into your ads.

  1. What to say. The single most important element of your ad – Knowing “what to say” causes more prospects to swing your doors.

  2. Easy directions. “1-2-3” steps make ads look classy as you assemble each selling outline.

  3. Fill-in-the-blank layout formats. These tested layout forms highlight your ads and make them stand out from competitors.

    And here’s the payoff. You whip one together – hand it to your ad rep – and get on with your business.

    Or take a break.

    Or go home at a decent hour and get re-acquainted with your family.

  4. “Killer” headline makers. You are not only taught — but prompted — how to construct such headlines as you follow the step-by-step Maverick Headliner forms.

  5. Tested sales & advertising benefits. My secret list. You know your product, don’t you? Here, you just choose and plug in the appropriate benefit that fits your particular product.

    This list outlines all the major sales benefits that apply to virtually every business there is. I show you how to find the single major benefit in the list that gets optimum returns.

    And that’s not all . . .

  6. How to keep’em reading. You see, just seeing the ad won’t get it. The secret to success is this: the more they read, the greater your success odds.

  7. 17 ways to close. You receive a list of 17 tested ways to move your customer to action. Don’t forget –- at some point in every ad or sales presentation, you must ask or you’ll lose orders. Just choose the appropriate one and plug it into your ad. “Plain & Simple” lays these tested Action Requests at your fingertips.

  8. Compelling graphics format. Do you live with the fear that nobody sees your ad? This little-known graphic device draws the reader’s eye & lifts your ad off the page — separates it from other ads around it. As a bonus, your product assumes a look of quality.

  9. Effective sales component checklist. Only a handful of certain critical components actually make ads work. If you lack one when you run your final checklist, just insert it.

    Two brand new
    techniques most
    ads lack

    These methods top the list of important newspaper advertising ideas as far as I’m concerned. They double your advertising response when you use them correctly.

  10. Critical “selling order”. You learn the order in which you must present your information. Critical? — it ranks in importance with “what you say.” And both contribute far more selling power than graphics and pictures. You learn that selling order – and why.

  11. The missing element. Second, in the thousands of ads I’ve studied, invariably one missing element makes the difference between an ad that works for a day or two only – or one that gives you residual selling power for months afterward.

    That critical element is . . .

    “Why buy from your business rather than your competitor?”

    This one ingredient can make or break your entire year’s advertising. It’s especially important to use in small business versus the way national advertising works.

    Consider for a moment. National distributors place their products in several places around your area. Do they care where a customer buys? Not a bit, as long as they make their sale.

    Nearly every local business – including yours – suffers several competitors in the trade area. Usually, others sell the same generic product, don’t they?

    Here’s the tear-your-hair-out frustrating part. Once you convince a prospect to try your product, she can buy from you – OR she can wander over and buy somewhere else!

    When this course answers the question, Why buy from your company? it also reveals a secret — a secret I call Value Story — that injects added long-term selling power into every one of your ads. Learn this and your ads sell for today — and for next month — and six months from now.

  12. Tested example models. You receive 11 examples of real ads that actually ran and worked for different kinds of retail, service and financial businesses.

    Each ad employs “call-outs” – little notes on the side that show and explain all the necessary elements each ad needed.

    Each produced big profits. You probably know by now most ad clip services send you reams of examples that look “nice.” But nobody can tell you if they actually worked or not. And if they did, nobody has the faintest idea why.

    In this course, you learn the “whys”.

    Priceless research

  13. The master’s rules. You learn priceless, researched rules a nationally known retailer used for many years to punch up ad performance. I’ve tested them in the year 2007. They still work beautifully.

    Old pros in this national company discovered more about retail advertising than any of us ever thought possible. I’ve included this precious know-how for you here.

  14. These are Universal Ideas that work in all media. You share in ideas that improve all your advertising – newspaper, radio, TV, direct mail, the Internet. You can even transfer this same know-how to spice up your one-on-one sales presentations.

You too can learn . . .

How to put magic in your
newspaper ads

Have you ever thought why professional ad writers have such an advantage over you? It’s because they laze around in the luxury of just one job – writing ads.

How many hats do you wear? Order product, sell customers, receive product, mark product, fend off seven sales reps, deal with accountants, do the books, set up displays . . .

I’ll bet you’ve even been known to sweep the floor. Your newspaper ads are just one of many hats.

As you get these simple methods down, you construct ads twice as fast as before. You do it easier and make each ad sell more than before.

How this course includes only
the know-how you need

How much faster could you work if you knew . . .

  • What simple steps you need to structure “hot” selling ads?

  • The best shapes?

  • Best sizes? Did you know a smaller ad, built the right way, can outpull a big half or full page?

  • Best borders?

  • White space – no white space? You’ve been told to use lots of white space and big pictures. What if that were wrong?

  • What kind of pictures and illustrations?

  • What to say?

  • How many words should you put in your ad? Many people say “Don’t use too many words. Nobody will read it.” You wouldn’t believe how much your wrong answer will cost you on this one.

  • Simple ad layout formats that work?

  • How people read ads, which dictates how to structure them?

  • Why people don’t read your ads?

  • How about pre-made forms so you just “fill in the blanks”?

  • New selling secrets nobody else uses?

When you say “Send it to me
now,” you get everything you need . . .

  1. Your course comes in an 8½ by 11-inch three-ring binder so it’s easy to use and store. I deliberately made these easy-read 130-page instructions concise. They include only the tools you need to make your ads sing. No need to sift through a zillion how-to’s where you have to decide which ones to use.

  2. Six blanks of 2 column by 3 1/2″ Ad Format forms. Just “rough out” your ad on a form and hand it to your newspaper rep.

  3. Six blanks of 3 column by 5″ Ad Format forms.

  4. Six blanks of 3 column by 8″ Ad Format forms.

  5. Six blanks of quarter page Ad Format forms.

  6. Six Benefit Sell forms where you simply fill in the blanks to build a message that sells.

  7. Six Maverick Headliner forms. Just follow the directions to build a “killer” headline for your ad.

Of course, you can make as many copies of the blanks as you want.

You may be asking yourself, “Will this work for my business?”

Other newspaper advertisers
report dramatic results

  • For instance, a Midwest consumer electronics storeowner cut his ads from full-page color tabloids (63 inches) to much smaller black and white, 3 column X 8-inch ads (24 inches).

    His smaller ads – nearly one-third smaller – delivered more sales for the dollar than his full pages! He cut costs, boosted sales, and saved $17,200 (out of a $65,000 marketing budget) on his newspaper advertising.

  • Recently, a successful 80-store shoe chain revealed they were spending money like tap water on newspaper. Big, expensive stud ads (half and three-quarter page) drained their bank accounts weekly – with miserly results.

    These managers learned Maverick “Plain & Simple.” Within a month they reported back greater results with ads half the size – even a third the size of previous layouts.

What’s the price?

  • The Basic Edition of Newspaper-Plain & Simple is $150.

  • If you have a lot riding on getting this right, the Deluxe Edition for $650 includes the complete $150 course plus a $1,000.00 Private Consultation Certificate for live personal consultation with Maverick. You save $500.00 with the **Deluxe Edition. Here’s what the private consultation does for you —

    When you finish an ad, but before you commit dollars for expensive space, you call in the Maverick consultant to personally critique your ads and suggest ways to improve them.

    We’re on call at no extra charge throughout a whole year to help you answer any questions and improve each ad.

You get a free bonus just
for trying Maverick . . .

I’m so confident these methods work for small business advertising, I’d like everybody to use them. So, in thanks for trying “Plain & Simple,” I’ll also send you my $24 Special Report:

  • “How To Get More Sales-Per-Dollar From Your Newspaper Ads – Strategies That Load Your Ads With Explosive Power”

This Special Report reveals proven ways you can “milk” . . . or extend your ad’s selling power by combining it with your merchandising and personal selling.

I discovered if I “milk” my own ads, it’s worth an additional 10% to 40% added sales. So, if I plan to get, say, $10,000 worth of sales out of an $800 ad, I expect to extend the ad’s return to as much as $12,500 when I milk it. It takes so little effort as you’ll see, so why not?

If you decide “Plain & Simple” isn’t for you, keep this Special Report just for your trouble.

Here’s how
to order

How many hours are you wasting right now trying to dream up ad ideas?

How many dollars are you throwing away in lost sales when you fall into a bind and rush out any old ad just to meet a deadline?

How much frustration because your ad rep can’t make an ad with any selling power?

And you’ll keep on wasting your time, dollars and tearing your hair as long as the problem goes uncorrected.

Next time your ad rep sticks her head in the door, you’ll never again panic because you have no idea. No one has to hear you groan because your ad’s not ready. Instead, you calmly hand her your ad and say, “Here’s what I want you to do.”

Just finish it and move on – confident you have injected sales magic with the right information that throws extra dollars in the till.

As Pat Gobel, Owner, Dundee Dell, Omaha NE says, “My newspaper and radio ads had won top awards for creativity . . . but they didn’t even cover production, let alone advertising (costs). Your ads “look” the same as others, but are substantially different in content — and get substantially different results. I have a 20% increase and net profits up at least 300%.”

Use it risk-free for a year

That’s right.

If, after using Newspaper-Plain & Simple, you are dissatisfied for any reason … or for no reason at all … just let me know within a year.

I’ll refund your payment in full. No questions asked. And you may keep the Special Report with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing.

Why a year’s guarantee? Most programs like this give you 10 to 30 days. But, such restrictions always frustrate me. Personally, I need time to practice and evaluate it. Use “Plain & Simple” for a whole year. Get truly comfortable with it and the ease with which it helps you produce ads.

But I urge you to hurry. Newspaper deadlines for your ads are probably looming now and the program takes a few days to get to you.

Right now, you can use Newspaper-Plain & Simple risk-free for the next year.

So, what are you waiting for?

To order Newspaper-Plain & Simple on a risk-free basis … and get the free Special Report … just click below now:

Take your choice of the Basic or Deluxe Edition.

  • Your Basic Edition of Newspaper-“Plain & Simple”, is just $150 and I include your free $24 Maverick Special Report. Just click the Paypalâ„¢ “Add to Cart” button below. Your order is completely safe. You can use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. Your money will be returned promptly and courteously if you are not satisfied. Just click the Paypalâ„¢ Add To Cart button directly below.
  • When you order the Deluxe Edition of Newspaper-“Plain & Simple”, the $650 price includes a $1,000 Private Consultation Certificate plus your free $24 Special Report. Your Maverick consultant is just a phone call away to critique your ads, suggest improvements and save you money before you place that expensive newspaper space. You’re receiving $1,150.00 worth of course & services for $650. You save $500 and your satisfaction is guaranteed or money back for the whole amount. Again, your order is completely safe.

    Just click the Paypal™ “Add To Cart” button below.

Thank you and I wish you well.


Rod Rademacher
Maverick Strategy
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Topeka, Kansas USA 66606
Phone: 785-783-7756
Email us here

P.S. This is such an easy, fast way to put together your newspaper advertising ideas – and actually make those ads sell for you – you’ll wonder why somebody hasn’t thought of it before. And, since it’s guaranteed for a whole year, you have no risk whatsoever. Order now.


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