“16 Tips To Promote Your Business With A Classified Newspaper Advertising Idea”

 You will find a classified newspaper advertising idea is one of the easier ways to make your advertising productive for either a product or a service-oriented small business. These are classified newspaper advertising tips & ideas I follow.

  1. Use Daily/Weekly Newspaper, Shoppers, On-line, Magazine.

  2. They give you steady small returns (not large, but steady) that pay for themselves.

  3. Sell either products or services or both, but don’t try to sell both in the same ad. You may confuse people. You’ll also be tempted to omit important advertising features of one product as you try to “cover more bases” rather than concentrating on and selling one item.

  4. Study the current classified advertising in large city newspapers in your category. Study several to see how they’re written.

  5. Watch to see which ads run over and over again. If they run repeatedly, that means those ads are usually working. Otherwise, the advertising purchaser would not waste his money. Use those as your models.

  6. Place your ad in the category you need: Building services, Repairs, Home Improvements, Real Estate, Appliances, Furniture, etc.

  7. Remember that people are already shopping when they read your advertising so they’re already interested. Your only job is to make your ad more informational and interesting than the other guy’s.

    How to put your classified
    newspaper advertising
    idea together. Use the
    Maverick Benefit Sell
    five-step process to . . .

  8. Sell one thing at a time.

  9. Define what you’re selling.

  10. Describe your offer, specifications, guarantees, all the important points you personally would want to know if you were going to answer classified newspaper advertising.

  11. Ask yourself Tested Advertising Methods (Prentice Hall Business Classics)what you’re selling will “Do For Or Give” (D-FOG) the prospect. Form your D-FOG headline from the answer you get. This headline will be your all-important benefit. A short headline is allowed, but don’t be afraid to make it longer if needed to get your point across. For good advice on your all-important headline, I recommend the master, John Caples, and his book Tested Advertising Methods.

  12. Use facts, benefits and few adjectives.

  13. Be sure to include your company name and phone number. No “blind” ads without your name. Blind ads only irritate your reader.

  14. Write the way people talk to one another, not the way you’d write.

  15. Write as clearly and factually as possible.

  16. If you’re selling big-ticket items (over $1,000), arrange ahead of time to finance purchases through your local bank or other outlet. If less than $1,000, arrange through a personal loan company, if available. Of course, credit cards can take care of small purchases. Remember that many people do not have large lump sums of cash available. If you make payments available, more people can respond.

Example ad

Grace your home with Cedar
Deck for family & friends.
Increase home value. Gray’s
Construction installs top
quality materials. Free
consultation & estimates.
Low payments. All work
guaranteed. 309-4555.

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